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Kundalini Yoga is also called the "Yoga of Awareness". It is ideal for people in the prime of their lives, because it helps to meet the daily demands and challenges actively while staying calm and balanced. The aim of this comprehensive self-training is the harmonization of body, mind and spirit through posture and movement, concentration, focus and meditation, conscious breathing and sound (mantra).
What Can Expect in a Typical Class?
A typical part of Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic or flowing exercise series, beside quiet posture-holding exercises and versatile meditations, which are often also applied to Mantra music. The life energy is brought to flow. This can lead to greater vigor and more awareness in everyday life and a more conscious and healthy dealing with one self and others. Kundalini Yoga is not dogmatic, but impact-oriented, full of meditative elements and techniques that can be directly integrated into practical, everyday life. 
Modifications will be offered, and chairs are available as needed


 Kundalini Yoga Mid-Winter 5-Week Session 

Samadhi Yurt

East Selkirk, MB

Wednesdays, Feb 19, 26, Mar 4, 11, 18


6:30pm- 8:00pm


Exchange is $90 for the 5-week session
Drop-ins are welcome @ $20 per class

I appreciate knowing in advance if you are planning on dropping in, so I can make enough Yogi Tea for everyone.


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