December Contraction: Allowing the Darkness In & Protecting Your Energy Body


Here we are, last month of a decade, plus the darkest time of the year, 

I find myself in a huge contraction right now, which is totally normal and predictable for me at this time of year. Anyone else super reluctant to hit the shops? Overwhelmed by the crowds? Does the idea of going to Costco send you on the verge of a panic attack?

 Maybe you have been doing all this work, self-care, yoga, breathing, eating healthy, making an effort and commitment to yourself every day and...

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The Greatest Gift

July 2019-93.jpg

Perhaps the greatest gift I have been given in these past 6 years of inner work is the freedom to be who I am, to do what feels good, and right for me. What has been lost is the need for approval outside of myself. I no longer tolerate or bear the weight of others, the opinions of others, nor do I allow their judgments to sway how I live my life.

Meaning I don’t have to carry the weight of other people's shit. I’m cleaning up my own shit, that's what I’m responsible for.

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When Advocacy Turns to Fear


Advocate for change.

Scrap the fear.

Demand freedom.

As many of you know, our family is highly immersed in nature on a regular basis for all kinds of great benefits. We intentionally honor and connect spiritually to the earth as a part of our daily lives.

There is a concept called Animism: the belief that all living things have spirit. Therefore our encounters with plants, animals, & minerals have the ability to communicate on a deep level.

We are in a relationship with Gaia, our great...

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