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Yoga is the study of self-development and self-awareness of body, breath and sound — a science of personal union, balancing body, mind, and spirit.
Yoga teaches us to steady the mind, and emotions while awakening the awareness of subtle, intuitive and peaceful qualities of the heart. Yoga is a universal approach to inner peace, clarity, and courage. It is compatible with all spiritual traditions, religious faiths, yoga provided tools to experience inner balance.

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga comes from northern India and has a centuries-long tradition. It was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. It is a powerful yoga system that includes not only physical and meditation exercises, but also healing techniques such as Sat Nam Rasayan and yogic massage, nutrition and lifestyle teachings of Ayurveda, and yogic lifestyle. The comprehensive science of Kundalini Yoga also includes Numerology, the large group meditation courses of White Tantric Yoga, the martial arts technique Gatka, and special pregnancy yoga and yoga for childbirth.

 Kundalini Yoga is also called the "Yoga of Awareness". It is ideal for people in the prime of their lives, because it helps to meet the daily demands and challenges actively while staying calm and balanced. The aim of this comprehensive self-training is the harmonization of body, mind and spirit through posture and movement, concentration, focus and meditation, conscious breathing and sound (mantra). 


What Can I Expect IN a Typical Class?

A typical part of Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic or flowing exercise series, beside quiet posture-holding exercises. accompanied with versatile meditations, which are often also applied to Mantra music. The life energy is brought to flow. This can lead to greater vigor and more awareness in everyday life and a more conscious and healthy dealing with one self and others.

How is Kundalini Different from other types of yoga?

Compared to many other types of yoga, Kundalini Yoga is characterized by more simple basic postures. Many exercises and kriyas are easy to perform, yet highly effective. Kundalini Yoga is therefore suitable for people of all ages and physical condition. Its beneficial effect is quickly noticeable. Kundalini Yoga can open up an individual way to better health and balance, because it teaches body awareness and mindfulness, while working holistically on all physical systems and leading mind and soul to their natural, original state of inner peace.

 Is this a religious practice?

Kundalini Yoga is not dogmatic, but impact-oriented, full of meditative elements and techniques that can be directly integrated into practical, everyday life. Kundalini Yoga connects you with the energy of your being. No matter what religion you do (or do not) practice, Kundalini Yoga will enhance your sense of spirit. The mantras are universal in nature. In fact, most predate all modern religions. While the word God is used quite a bit in Kundalini Yoga, you do not need to believe in a specific deity. The God in Kundalini Yoga is translated as the "Sustainer of All.” Feel free to use a different word that feels more natural to you, such as sacred, universe, divine, source, spirit, or nature.
Kundalini Yoga - the Yoga for everyone

Why do Kundalini Practitioners wear a head covering?

The covering of the crown chakra is an ancient technique to help contain personal energy and the sacred sensitivity of the tenth gate, which opens to the divine energy of the universe. For this reason, many Kundalini Yoga practitioners choose to cover the top of their heads with natural fiber while practicing. It is optional; there is no need to wear a head cover

I read that kundalini yoga is dangerous, is this true?

Nobody on record has ever gone crazy from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini is a naturally loving, healing, and enlightening energy. Through tuning in and warming up, you prepare your body for a safe and transformational experience. You will trust your intuition in a deeper way and connect with your higher self. People from all over the world and all walks of life have practiced Kundalini Yoga and experienced its life-changing power

I heard awaking this energy can be frightening, is this true?

To most people, the awakening of natural kundalini energy is like a beautiful wave of divinity that heals and opens new sensations. It can feel like an inner bliss that starts in the spine and spreads throughout the body. Some have said that it feels sensual. Newness is only frightening if you hold onto preconceptions and patterns. When kundalini rises, yogis may be guided to give up meat, alcohol, and drugs to clear energy channels. If someone continues with those behaviors when guided not to, she may face challenges. When you are blocked inside, it may take time to clear the debris of a lifetime—including the previous karma of your ancestors imprinted in your energy field


Just attended my first Kundalini class, Elisa was an amazing teacher. She explained everything so well. The orgin of the practice, the movements, and why they are important. I have done other version of yoga before (yin, flow, ashtanga) which were great, but have never felt this connected to the practice before. I cannot wait until the next class. Thank you

Mikkela Bruenig

Such an awesome experience yesterday with Kundalini yoga! I could sense things I didn't even realize were around me. Elisa is an incredible instructor and was extremely helpful thorough in explaining processes, breathing exercises, etc. I would highly recommend trying this type of yoga!

Monnette Calixto

Ive done many yoga classes, but Graceful Evolution is by far the best experience I have ever had! I loved kundalini yoga and I connected on ap personal level to the approach of leaving behind the superficial aspects that still creep into yoga classes and keeping the focus and meditation on your true self. Its about being true to your mind, and body. I so needed that.

Janelle McLeod

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